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May 21, 2020
It would be best to have information about the fellow ahead of time and not just show up to find the procedure was being done by someone of unknown qualifications
Jan 28, 2020
The provider was incredibly respectful and approachable. He asked for my pronouns preferred name and was incredibly trans competent (which is a total game changer for me!!) I felt heard seen and respected.
Nov 24, 2019
I was extremely satisfied with the care I received!
Nov 22, 2019
The MD showed a high level of empathy care and knowledge.
Sep 01, 2019
as mentioned I. previous comment it was an excellent experience.
Aug 28, 2019
not comfortable with this provider plan to request a new provider
Jul 31, 2019
Doctor gave me a procedure on my neck....pain turned out to now be far worst then before I had the procedure. we're trying to figure out what's causing all the additional pain...we're trying to find an answer...Dr. ordered MRI
Jul 31, 2019
I travel at least 2-3 hours to see him. So worth the time.
Jun 05, 2019
i'm very happy with my doctor.... I wish the procedure had given me a happier outcome
May 14, 2019
Dr. Abrecht is knowledgeable empathetic and I have great faith n trust in him. All characteristics that make for a wonderful doctor.
Apr 12, 2019
very good
Apr 03, 2019
Dr. Christopher Abrecht is the best in Pain Clinic very professional easy to understand and VERY CARING. I will recommend him as one of best physicians at UCSF
Mar 13, 2019
outstanding doctor and interns!
Feb 24, 2019
Asmentioned before I was very confident in his care and felt he really wanted to help me with my situation. I plan to stay in his care for it as long as needed. My gratitude is his!
Feb 01, 2019
did not have records prior to appointment. hard to assess as provider was unable to provide complete assessment without medical records. this is an issue with front desk not the provider
Nov 05, 2018
he knew what maybe my issue right away but waited to treat me until the results of My mri I appreciated his attention and planning