Preventive Genomics Clinic

The UCSF Preventive Genomics Clinic helps people harness the power of genomic screening to learn more about their health and risks for developing certain diseases. UCSF is one of the few academic medical centers in the country to offer this service directly to the public. Unlike direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies, we use the most comprehensive genomic tests currently available. These tests, which can only be ordered by physicians, sample more of your DNA and can reveal more about your health needs.

We also provide up-to-date information on the benefits and limitations of testing, along with one-on-one interpretation of your results and counseling by trained geneticists. Should your results raise concerns, we can refer you to the right specialist to get the monitoring and care you need.

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We offer the following tests:

  • Carrier screening, or screening for genetic mutations that could be passed on to children
  • Screening for cancer risks and heart disease risk
  • Pharmacogenetic testing, which shows how your genes may affect your response to medications
  • Broad genome screening that combines all of the above tests into one

If you've already had genetic testing at another clinic or through a direct-to-consumer company such as 23andMe, we are happy to answer health questions about your results and to discuss other tests that are available only through a physician.

Patients We Serve

We serve healthy adults without a strong family background of genetic disease. If you have a clear family history of any genetic condition or are seeking a diagnosis for symptoms, please visit the appropriate clinic listed below:


We will try to obtain authorization for your clinic visit if your insurance carrier requires it, but we cannot guarantee coverage. Self-pay rates are available. Because genomic screening tests are considered elective and do not diagnose or treat any active condition, insurance rarely covers them. Out-of-pocket costs for testing range from about $250 to several thousand dollars.

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    Preparing for your appointment

    What to Bring

    • A list of medical conditions that may run in your family
    • A list of health risks you do or do not wish to learn about
    • Results from any previous genetic testing performed for you or for family members (send before your visit, if possible)

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