Understanding Your Statement

Before billing you, UCSF Health will submit a claim to your health insurance provider, including Medicare and Medi-Cal if applicable, and any secondary insurance. If you owe a balance that was not covered by your insurance, or if you are a self-pay patient, you will receive a statement by mail.

UCSF Health provides patients with a consolidated statement (per guarantor) that includes fees for both hospital and professional services. Hospital services include costs for room and board, ancillary services such as diagnostic tests (for example, X-rays, EKGs and laboratory tests) and medications. Professional services include care from the physicians who treated you during an outpatient visit or hospital stay, as well as physicians who read and interpreted your test results (such as a radiologist).

If you have any questions regarding your statement, please call Patient Financial Services at (866) 433-4035. A sample statement is available here to help you understand your bill.